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Your brand is our main priority

The Central Idea Agency is FULL service:

  • Name Development
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Advertising
  • Signs/Environmental Design
  • Interior Design
  • Exterior Design
  • Event Planning

Exposing the Secrets of Good Branding

The secret behind all good branding is this: your "Brand" is the sum total of your company's overall image. Your "Brand" is more than just a logo, it is consistency in your company's visual image as well as the message it presents to the public. It seems surprisingly simple but is actually not as easy as it sounds.


You can choose to create a brand and make the investment in time and energy to control how the public identifies with your company (a good idea) or you can choose to send your company's image into the world on its own with no planning (a bad idea) – either way a brand WILL happen, the difference is a matter of control.


The CIA is here to help you develop, grow and protect your brand.


Foundations and

Brand Strategy

Interior/Exterior and Environmental Design


The CIA can help you build your brand from the ground up. The process starts with a good name. Don't get us wrong – we love everything about a good logo, but branding starts with a name and a brand message that makes sense and is memorable. We can help develop a name and nail down a concept for your Brand that is as identifiable in your own neighborhood as it is in the global arena. After the name is nailed down, we can create a logo that is visually outstanding and uniquely represents your company. A good logo should be your hardest working employee – one that does everything you need it to do when you want it done – bulletproof and unstoppable. If you only have one tool in your toolbox, this is it. Now that you have a great logo and brand message, we'll use our experience of over 25 years to determine the best path to growing your business and achieving your goals, this is called Strategy.

Don't believe that your brand is as strong as your social media status or .com alone. The digital universe is important and can be extremely helpful, but they are only one a piece of the branding puzzle . Unless you're hiding in a closet, don't underestimate the importance of the tactile world around you.  How complete is your brand message?  A well designed facade and sign will get customers in the door and often be the first introduction of your brand. The interior of the store, restaurant or office is equally important – this is what will create a truly memorable brand experience and residual memories to keep customers coming back.  Not to mention that a strong retail interior can add customer value that support product prices. A vehicle wrap can also be a great asset for many businesses. The CIA can complete your branding with interior commercial & residential design, exterior & environmental graphics, signage and vehicle wraps.


Advertising, Marketing,

PR and Web

Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations. We all think we understand these terms, but what are they really? They are all Branding. They all include techniques in getting your brand message to world. Anytime your company is in the public eye it should support your brand. Good branding is in the details. Creating a strong web presence is a good start, followed by a social media plan, and finally pieces appropriate for your brand strategy - business cards, brochures, menus, ads, flyers, shirts, vehicle wraps, posters, and logo-gear. This is when you will find out if your logo works and your message is consistent and clear. The CIA will ensure that everything created for advertising and marketing reinforces your brand image and message properly. When done correctly your brand creates a unified front with each piece supporting and reinforcing the other - a steamroller of unstoppable branding!

Top secret

Facts behind the CIA

The CIA has over 25 years experience in design and branding and is the
longest operating design and branding agency in the 30A region.


The Central Idea Agency was created in 1995 by Directors, Cari and David DeGregorio. Both Cari and David have Bachelors Degrees in Fine and Professional Arts from Kent State University and pride themselves on their professionalism and eye for detail.


The Central Idea Agency brings a number of differentiators to the table that will be to your advantage:

  • years of multi-faceted design experience
  • degreed education in design and branding
  • experience in corporate advertising and marketing
  • experience in concepting, design, set-up, and buying for retail stores
  • unique understanding of the Florida Panhandle and the Scenic Hwy 30A corridor

Below are a few clients on the CIA protection list:

30A Cookies & Cream

30A Woodworks

Adornare Boutique Jewelry

Advanced Sawmill Machinery

Against the Wind Roofing

Alaqua Animal Refuge

Annika Foundation


Believe Studio

Bentley's on the Bay

Better South Walton

Big Daddy's Bike Shop

Bombora Surf Shop

Bootleg Barbeque

Briere Baby

Bud & Alley's

Bud & Alley's Pizza Bar

Bud & Alley's Taco Bar

Burton Works

Cabana Blue

Canvas Creations

CFH Design Studio

Charming Baby

Coastal Homes and Lifestyle

Christina D Lingerie + Swim

Cottage Rental Association

The Dawson Group

Dixie Ironworks / MSI

E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center

Earthquake Eddie Bee

Eco Design + Living

Emerald Glenn

the Fabric Source

For the Health of It

Fusion Art Glass

the Garden Hoe

Gift for the Soul

Ginger Leigh Design

Grayton Landing

Highland Chiropractic

Honey Badger Martial Arts

Hope Panhandle


Jimmi wZ

La Vie Est Belle

Learning Express

Longleaf Preserve

Lynchpin Tax Services

McCaskill & Company

The Merchants of Seaside


New Leaf Tree Services

Oak Leaf Village

Old Florida Outfitters

One Hand Clapping

Otis Spunkmeyer

Pickles Famous Burger & Shake

the Place Across the Street

Poor Truman Creative

Portofino Island

Raw & Juicy

 the Red Bar

Resource One

Rex Lumber

Sarah Carolyn


Seaside Associated Stores

Seaside Community Realty

Seaside Farmers Market

Seaside Repertory Theatre

Shiland Creative Group

The Shrimp Shack

Shunk Gulley

Sol Center for Health and Wellness

Solice Day Spa

South Walton Lawn Care

South Walton Tourist Development Council

Special Olympics of South Walton

St. Joe

Sundog Books

Swantree Concierge Services

Table Five

Taqueria el Calentano

Therapeutic Connections

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Villages of Grayton Beach

Wendy Mignot

Wild Bill's Beach Dogs

Yellow Fly Trading Company

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